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Whether you’re a business owner, a corporate CEO, a manager, an entrepreneur, or a regular person who simply wants to arm yourself with the mindset and leadership skills you need to achieve greater success and fulfillment in life, we’ve got just the ticket!

Whatever your circumstances and goals, we’re giving you the opportunity to discover the strategies and methodologies that fuel the success of many of the world’s greatest business leaders and wealth creators, which will allow you to transform the profit-potential of your current business, catapult yourself up the corporate career ladder, or simply live a more inspired and successful life.

… And all while enjoying 8 days of sun-drenched paradise in an award-winning 4 Diamond resort in beautiful Mexico.


That’s right!

Today, MJB Adventures invite you to join us on an unforgettable and life-changing journey of both body and mind. During this once in a lifetime event, you will be joined by 4 of the world’s foremost leaders in personal development, leadership and peak performance training.

You will discover how to ‘rewire’ your brain for massive success, improve your leadership qualities and learn the skills you need to transform your business, your career and your life, allowing you to finally unlock your true potential and achieve all of your dreams, goals and aspirations.

Beginning on July 2nd, you will be sampling the delights of Mexico’s world-class Nuevo Vallarta 4 Diamond resort in Riviera Nayarit, where you will stay on an all-inclusive basis, and get to meet, greet and learn from four of America’s most successful business leaders and wealth creators.

Unlock the Mindset You Need to Live an Extraordinary Life

Why do some people achieve huge success in business and in life, while others don’t?

Is it because they’re lucky. No, not at all.

Is it because they were born into wealth and opportunity? No, definitely not.

Some of the most successful business leaders in the world came from nothing.

The truth is, the latest research into neuroscience and positive psychology shows us that unlimited personal growth and success in business and life is possible for EVERYONE.

In fact, the only thing stopping you from achieving all the success you want, and living an inspired and extraordinary life, is your own mindset.

The greatest business leaders of our time all have one thing in common – a success mindset.

Unfortunately, the majority of us don’t possess this – yet. We are continually held back by our own limiting thoughts and perceptions of what we’re truly capable of.

We are ‘hardwired’ to limit ourselves, our colleagues and employees.

Far too many businesses, both large and small, are paralysed by employees and leaders with ‘fixed mindsets’ – limited ways of thinking that reduce the ability to learn and grow, stunt interpersonal skills, suffocate creativity and stifle innovation, which results in reduced morale, performance and profitability.

But there is a very simple way to change things…

Neuroplasticity – the Key to ‘Rewiring’ Your Brain for Massive Success

During The Mindset & Leadership Summit 2016, you will be shown how to rewire your brain, transform your mindset and unlock your true leadership potential, which will allow you to build a more successful and profitable business, climb the corporate ladder faster, or simply live a more inspired and fulfilling life.

You will discover how to literally reorganise, remodel and remap your neuropathways, and ‘light up’ the parts of your brain that are responsible for leadership, decision-making, creativity, interpersonal abilities, and more.

Once you know how to unlock your ‘leadership mindset’ you will have all the tools you need to smash down the barriers that are blocking the growth of both you and your business, and develop a positive ‘can-do’ attitude that breeds success, happiness and fulfillment throughout the workplace.

Discover the Secrets of the Greatest Business Leaders in the World

i-1 For 8 days, attendees will be immersed in cutting-edge training on personal and professional development, while enjoying everything that luxury travel has to offer.

Each of the speakers has a unique background and methodology in mindset, leadership and peak performance training, and will provide you with the success principles you need to unlock your true potential and achieve extraordinary results for both yourself and your business.

In fact, the strategies and methodologies that you will discover during these 8 days are currently being used to influence some of the biggest companies in the world, including Apple, Microsoft, Zappos and Google, to name just three.

By the end of the 8 days you will be able to apply what you’ve learned to your personal and professional life by releasing and expressing the leader that lives within you, and you will be
empowered to do anything, have anything, and be anything you want to be.


Nestled between the tranquil Pacific Ocean and the Sierra de Vallejo mountains, The Nuevo Vallarta on the Riviera Nayarit is one of Mexico’s finest and most exclusive hotels.

During your 8-day stay at this award-winning 4 Diamond resort, you will be able to sample a range of stunning restaurants complete with world-class cuisine (on an all-inclusive basis), with menus offering everything from the intense tastes of Mexican and regional cuisine to a la carte gourmet delicacies that guarantee a unique culinary experience.

You will be able to unwind at the tranquil Melange Spa, enjoy fresh sea food and a Margarita or three at the Beach Club, entertain the children at the Marival Kids’ Club, enjoy a range of activities, including beach sports, golf, scuba diving, surfing, and much more, and take in the tropical delights of the Riviera Nayarit’s beautiful scenery, golden beaches and crystal clear waters.

All of this while listening and learning from 4 of the brightest minds in business growth and wealth creation.


Dr Joe Dispenza – Corporate Consultant, Neuroscientist, Lecturer and Best-Selling Author

Driven by the conviction that each one of us has the potential for greatness and unlimited abilities, Dr Joe Dispenza utilises the latest findings from the fields of neuroscience and quantum physics to help people enjoy a more fulfilled and happy life.

As a teacher and lecturer, Dr. Joe has been invited to speak in more than 27 countries on six continents, educating thousands of people on how they can rewire their brains to make lasting changes.

As a corporate consultant, Dr. Joe gives on-site lectures and workshops for businesses and corporations interested in using neuroscientific principles to boost their employees’ creativity, innovation, productivity, and more. His corporate program also includes private coaching for upper management. He has personally trained a group of 40 corporate trainers who teach his model of transformation to companies around the world, and he recently began certifying independent coaches in using his model of change with their own clients.

As an author, Dr. Joe has written Evolve Your Brain: The Science of Changing Your Mind (2007), followed by Breaking the Habit of Being Yourself: How to Lose Your Mind and Create a New One (2012), both of which detail the neuroscience of change and epigenetics. His latest book, You Are the Placebo: Making Your Mind Matter (2014), builds on his previous work and is an Amazon Bestseller, also hitting the NY Times Bestseller List within a week of its release.


In Dr Joe Dispenza’s seminar, you will discover…

How to ‘flick the switch’ to success mode

How to unlock the part of your brain that will make you a natural leader

How to use neuroscientific principles to boost yours and your employees’ creativity, innovation, productivity, and more

How to forge the reality you want, both in business and in life

And much more!

David Logan – USC Faculty Member, Best-Selling Author, and Management Consultant

David Logan studies how people communicate within a company — and how to harness our natural gifts to make change within organizations. He looks at emerging patterns of corporate leadership, organizational transformation, generational differences in the workplace, and team building for high-potential managers and executives.

He’s the co-founder and senior partner at CultureSync, a management consulting firm, whose work is largely derived from a ten-year study of over 24,000 people published in Tribal Leadership (2008), which shows how organizational culture evolves over time and how leaders can nudge it forward.

David works with governments, non-profits and numerous Fortune 500 companies, including Intel, Colliers International, American Express, Prudential, and Health Net. He is also a TED speaker, a non-profit organisation that encourages the World’s most inspired thinkers to spread their ideas, usually in the form of short, powerful talks.

Tony Hsieh, the CEO of Zappos, the largest online shoe and clothing company in America and a billion-dollar global retail giant, credits much of his success to Logan’s teachings.

Currently, David teaches management and leadership in the USC Executive MBA, and is also on the faculty at the International Centre for Leadership in Finance (ICLIF), endowed by the former prime minister of Malaysia.

Logan is co-author of four books, including Tribal Leadership and The Three Laws of Performance.

In David Logan’s seminar, you will discover…

The 5 levels of business – and how to get yours to level 5 fast

How to utilise the Tribal Leadership philosophy to get everything you want, whether it’s at home, with your friends, or at work

How to become a Tribal Leader yourself, and progress in the workplace

How to improve your company’s bottom line in 90 days or less

How to achieve dramatic improvements in communication, employee satisfaction and retention

How to positively influence the behaviour of everyone around you – for the benefit of all

And much more!

Dr. John Demartini – Human Behavior Specialist, Business Consultant, Educator & Author

Over 38 years of cross-disciplinary research and study in human development has ensured Dr John Demartini is considered as one of the world’s leading authorities on human behaviour and personal development.

His trademark methodologies such as the Demartini Method and the Demartini Value Determination are referenced across the globe.

Dr Demartini is the founder of a private research and education organisation, the Demartini Institute, where over 72 courses covering varying aspects of human development are studied. He is also the author of 40 books published in 28 languages and has produced more than 50 CDs and DVDs.

The programs are designed specifically to activate leadership and empower clients in their lives in the areas of financial, physical, mental, vocational, spiritual, family and social.

Dr Demartini’s vision is to contribute to the expansion of the human potential on a global scale, including seeking and activating further educational opportunities in 60 countries. He also wants to empower and awaken leadership in others; inspire a love of learning and assist people to create authentic, empowered and inspired lives.


In Dr John Demartini’s seminar, you will discover…

How to change your perceptions of yourself and the world to change your life

How to overcome your wealth-building limitations to live an inspired, purposeful and meaningful life

How to set goals congruent with your values and become a leader, not a follower

How to transform any relationship issue, whether personal or professional, into an inspiring and fulfilling one that benefits both of you

How to empower yourself to create success, fulfilment, financial stability and prosperity

And much more!

Dan Millman – Author, Lecturer, Educator

Dan Millman is a former world champion athlete, university coach, martial arts instructor and college professor.

After an intensive, twenty-year spiritual quest, Dan’s teaching found its form as the Peaceful Warrior’s Way, expressed fully in his books and lectures. His work continues to evolve over time, to meet the needs of a changing world.

Millman has authored 17 books, including Way of the Peaceful Warrior, The Life You Were Born to Live: A Guide to Finding Your Life Purpose, and Everyday Enlightenment: The Twelve Gateways to Personal Growth, which together have been published in 29 languages and sold millions of copies worldwide. In 2006, his first book, Way of the Peaceful Warrior, was adapted into a film, “Peaceful Warrior,” starring Nick Nolte.

Much of Dan’s time is devoted to writing and speaking. His keynotes, seminars, and workshops span the generations to influence men and women from all walks of life, including leaders in the fields of health, psychology, education, business, politics, sports, entertainment, and the arts.

In Dan Millman’s seminar, you will discover…


A Mindful, Reality-Based Approach to Effective Living

In the film “Peaceful Warrior” a young college athlete named Dan Millman met a mysterious old service station attendant he named “Socrates.” After journeys around the world and study with other mentors, Dan developed a new approach to living and to leading. This experiential workshop highlights key facets of a reality-based and refreshing approach to living — with the mindset of a peaceful heart and a warrior spirit. You’ll learn:

how to live like a leader no matter what your age or station

the secret of self-discipline — how to turn what you know into what you do

the most realistic way to overcome fear and self-doubt

what a ‘mindful mindset’ really means

how to live in the present for a simpler, more peaceful life

how to awaken the warrior spirit

inner tools to open your heart and the hearts of others

Bring an open mind and sense of humor. The perspectives and tools you’ll learn can last a lifetime.


Mitch Behan – Founder and Director of MJB Seminars and MJB Adventures

Mitch Behan is a master educator and communicator in the area of personal transformation. With over 18 years’ experience in the Personal Development industry, he has transformed the lives of thousands of people worldwide.

Mitch has dedicated his life to educating people to understand the underlying order and the science of universal laws and principles. He assists clients through a transformation of their perceptions that are causing roadblocks to achieving extraordinary results in their personal and work life.

Mitch’s methodology, founded on the principles of universal laws, is designed to enable individuals and businesses to unlock their true potential and master their own wealth, and has already assisted the likes of parents, doctors, sports stars, educators, entrepreneurs, corporate leaders, managers and employees the world over.

Mitch and the MJB team recently launched MJB Adventures, designed to incorporate travel into the personal and professional development process. Mitch recognises that travel enhances clients’ transformation and evolution and enables a greater sense of appreciation for their lives and the world through an immersion in different cultures and experiences.

Emilia Tomeo – Director, General Manager, Creative Content Director, Head Facilitator

With more than a decade of experience in the education industry, and having been a vital part of MJB Seminars’ growth since 2003, Emilia’s ability to educate and inspire is extraordinary. She is committed to the field of personal development, and as a skilled educator and teacher, she is adept at making something that a person might perceive complicated, simple.

After finding balance, love and gratitude in her own life, Emilia is dedicated to helping others do the same, and awakening them to the profound teachings of how the universe works.


During these 8 days, you’re going to experience a personal transformation of a lifetime, and acquire all the skills, tools and resources you need to become all that you can be, both on a personal and professional level.

But that’s just one part of the experience…

The rest is pure, unadulterated FUN!

surfThis is an adventure like you’ve never seen before.

You’ll get to meet like-minded people, make new friends, enjoy world-class cuisine in a variety of different restaurants, party it up until the early hours (with no need to get up for work in the morning!).

And you’ll be able to take advantage of everything that a 4 Diamond resort has to offer, including 5-star service, stunning scenery, crystal clear waters, and much more.

Or if you’d simply like to relax on a sunbed, have a dip in the pool and do NOTHING for an entire week, you can. It’s entirely up to you.



7 nights at the Nuevo Vallarta 4 Diamond Resort on an all-inclusive basis (flights not included)

Exclusive admittance to hear 4 of the world’s leading speakers in the field of personal and professional transformation

Exclusive admittance to special events organized by MJB Seminars.

An exclusive intimate group dinner with a speaker of your choice (based on first-come-first-served and speaker availability)


Prices are in US Dollars


$4,995 USD

(Offer Available Until February 26th)


$5,495 USD

(Offer Available Until March 30th)

Pay in full prior to February 17th (Super Early Bird), and you will receive the following extras:

Free Travel Insurance

First Preference of which speaker to sit with at an Exclusive Dinner

First preference for any other choices offered prior to travel, including excursions, and optional one-on-one with a speaker of your choice

Special group dinner with Mitch and Mills

Note: Payments are processed through Paypal

Don’t have a PayPal account? No problem, watch the video below for instructions if you are unfamiliar with PayPal payments.


Prices are in US Dollars




$2,145 USD
(TOTAL = $6,435 USD)

Alternatively, call +618 9240 7553 or email to discuss your requirements with a member of our booking team

PayPal payment walkthrough

Enjoy the Adventure of a Lifetime & Unlock Your True Potential

This 8 day luxury vacation will be the trip of a lifetime, as you make life-long friends, immerse yourself in fun-filled relaxation, enjoy everything that the Riviera Nayarit has to offer, and learn from the world’s foremost educators in the field of personal and professional development.

You will have the freedom to tailor your adventure to be as relaxing or as action-packed as you like, but however you choose to enjoy your time, as an MJB Adventurer, you will return empowered, inspired and with all the tools you need to do more, be more, inspire others and live a truly extraordinary life.


Q. Who is it for?

A. The Mindset & Leadership Summit 2016 is for business owners, corporate professionals, employees, entrepreneurs, and anyone else who wants to develop the mindset and leadership skills required to achieve more success and fulfillment both in business and in life. Whatever your circumstances and goals, you will experience the personal transformation of a lifetime.

Q. Will I get to meet the speakers?

A. Absolutely! This isn’t a regular, run-of-the-mill seminar we’re talking about here, where the expert speaker goes home afterwards and you never get to meet them. All 4 speakers will be staying at the same resort as you. These are some of the greatest minds in the world of personal development, peak performance training and self-mastery, and they are here for YOU. Not only will you get to meet them, you will get to have dinner with them, sit with them, laugh with them, dance with them, and enjoy a real personal experience with them, while enjoying a luxury vacation in a 4 Diamond resort.

Q. What’s the Exclusive Dinner?

A. During your stay at the Nuevo Vallarta 4 Diamond Resort, we’ll be staging an Exclusive Dinner, where you will get to sit with one speaker of your choice (availability permitting) over the course of the evening. This is an incredible and completely unique opportunity to get up close and personal with some of the greatest minds in the world of personal and professional development.

Q. Do I have to pay for access to the seminars?

A. No! It’s all part of the price, making this a truly unique opportunity that you can’t get anywhere else. What we’re offering here is access to 4 of the world’s most renowned educators in the world of personal and professional development, all in one place. The value you’re getting here is extraordinary! If you wanted to attend just one of their seminars, you’d be expected to pay many thousands of dollars, yet we’re giving you the chance to discover the secret strategies and methodologies of all 4 of these speakers for barely any money at all, because we’re paying for them to be there! It’s cost us $70,000 to book these experts, so YOU can discover their secrets in the most cost-effective and enjoyable way imaginable.

Q. I’m not sure. I don’t like the idea of being cooped up in a resort for a whole week? Is there much to do?

A. Err, yes! The Nuevo Vallarta is a 4 Diamond Resort which takes luxury travel to a new level entirely. One week simply isn’t enough to sample everything that’s on offer. Every holiday you take from this point on will be a disappointment in comparison!

Q. Can I put the cost down to business expenses?

A. Yes! This is a mindset and leadership training event specifically for business owners, corporate professionals and entrepreneurs, so the entire cost will be tax deductible. (However, we recommend that you check with your accountant just to be sure).

Q. Can I bring my family too?

A. Absolutely! Partners, children and friends can attend, and discounts can be provided to partners who do not wish to attend speaker or MJB events on board. Please call us on +618 9240 7553 or email to discuss your requirements.


Prices are in US Dollars


$4,995 USD

(Offer Available Until February 26th)


$5,495 USD

(Offer Available Until March 30th)

Pay in full prior to February 17th (Super Early Bird), and you will receive the following extras:

Free Travel Insurance

First Preference of which speaker to sit with at an Exclusive Dinner

First preference for any other choices offered prior to travel, including excursions, and optional one-on-one with a speaker of your choice

Special group dinner with Mitch and Mills

Note: Payments are processed through Paypal

Don’t have a PayPal account? No problem, watch the video below for instructions if you are unfamiliar with PayPal payments.


Prices are in US Dollars




$2,145 USD
(TOTAL = $6,435 USD)

URGENT: In order to lock in your ‘Super Early Bird’ discount of $995, you need to book before February 26th. If you miss this date, you can still claim the ‘Early Bird’ discount of $495 if you book before March 30th. After that, you will have to pay the full price of $5,990.

Alternatively, call +618 9240 7553 or email to discuss your requirements with a member of our booking team

PayPal payment walkthrough